The challenges and opportunities of modern life demand a global perspective.

Whittle School & Studios is developing the leaders of tomorrow with the necessary skill sets to change the world.

At most expat-oriented international schools, families must choose between their desire for an internationally focused education and an often equal interest in deepening their children’s home language and ties to their culture. We aim to cultivate students who are successful in their contributions to the school and larger community, and are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and ability to deliver solutions to global challenges.

We are committed to helping our students cultivate their global capabilities and ties to their local communities through a number of programs, including:

Global Exchange

We want our students to study in multiple cultures by the time they graduate. This will deepen our students’ global perspective and contribute to their independence, empathy, and sense of self. We will present students and families with different options, including summer programs, trimesters abroad, and full years abroad at Whittle campuses around the world. In all of these options, students will be studying in a highly diverse environment and making lifelong friends on different continents.

Language Immersion

Language is not just a utility but an understanding of, and empathy for, a new culture and world. Our objective is that every Whittle student will graduate with a high level of proficiency in a second language, with an opportunity to learn a third during their upper-school experience. Each of our campuses will operate as a dual-language institution: the home language and English.

Language immersion will typically begin in Pre-K and continue through a student’s primary years, but language strategies will vary by campus and country. No matter where they study, our students will reach advanced proficiency in at least one language other than their native one. This will allow our students to study at different campuses in our network and to function professionally in a second language later in life.

Experiential Learning

We believe our host cities are among our greatest education resources and will build in meaningful time to use our cities for extending learning beyond our classrooms. At Whittle, both the core learning and the global experience of our students will be rooted in local engagement: sending students out to study their city and other cities in our network, and rooting their learning in meaningful interactions in the world beyond the classroom.

Our pedagogy and curriculum are designed to integrate the ideas, people, infrastructure, and culture that make each of our host cities unique and exemplary. A key program is the City Core, which integrates the student’s schoolwork with real-life applications and civic engagement, allowing students to pursue their interests and passions while contributing to their community. City Core applies all of a student’s skills and knowledge to the task of understanding how we live together, how we solve problems collectively, how we affect our landscape, and how it affects us.