A modern school understands that learning is not confined to the typical school day.

We envision our educational program as spectrums of opportunities that span from the classroom to supplemental learning to the virtual world, from full-time to part-time and for both our boarders and day students. Two of our more developed supplemental programs are our Centers of Excellence and Studios offerings.

Centers of Excellence

Each of our Schools will have its own Center of Excellence (C.O.E.), based on a particular expertise unique to that city, region, or country. Students will interact with some of the world’s most renowned experts and develop their skills in, for example, international relations and diplomacy at our Center of Excellence in Washington, D.C., and robotics and engineering innovation in Shenzhen.

Students will have the opportunity to hone their skills in a particular area of expertise by observing and working alongside mentors who have built successful careers in those fields. Guided by such experts (including Whittle parents) our students will build portfolio projects that pose solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges and showcase their flair with design and presentation. At the local level, we offer students immersive learning experiences in a particular area of concentration, but students across our network will have access to all C.O.E. expertise through our digital platform.

Most important, C.O.E. work will develop global leadership skills. Our C.O.E. themes of inquiry are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Global Goals. In their portfolio projects, students will often consider particular U.N. goals. C.O.E. course and fieldwork will encourage students to make positive world change. In developing strategic partnerships, we will connect with organizations that are similarly aligned with the U.N.’s global goals.


A modern school understands that learning is not confined to the typical school day. Whittle’s Studios program takes place beyond the boundaries of the school day—after regular classes, at night, on weekends, and in summer—and that’s an incredible opportunity for our students to learn deeply and explore widely.

Many Studios offerings will integrate with our full-time program, enabling students to go deeper into an area of interest—or to experiment with a new area of curiosity. Our combined Studios offerings, on-site and eventually online, will allow students to develop their presentation skills and interdisciplinary cross-training agility. Working closely with Whittle advisers, students will build online portfolios of projects that showcase their learning as they progress through each Studio pathway.

Our Studios take a creative approach to learning about the world. Students will build their knowledge in STEM and the humanities, and will benefit from the deep expertise of our Centers of Excellence. They will also offer intense language immersion in English and Mandarin for younger students and, for older students, the best foreign-language study and tutoring available anywhere.