We aim to create an extraordinary school—the first truly modern, global institution serving children from ages 3 to 18.

In the fall of 2019, our first two campuses will open in Shenzhen China, and Washington, D.C. In the coming years, we plan to expand to a system of 30+ major campuses in the world’s leading cities. A typical campus will serve 2,500 full-time students, ages 3 to 18, with boarding available in the middle and upper school divisions.

At capacity, Whittle School & Studios will be a highly integrated global learning community with a faculty of more than 10,000 serving more than 90,000 full-time, on-campus students as well as hundreds of thousands of other students joining us part-time.

Graphic describing the distinctive components of our education

A modern school needs to consider deeply who it wants its graduates to be. It must identify the skills, ideas, talents, and capacities students will need to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

And if it is essential for a school to understand what it wants to help its students achieve, it is equally important for a school to know how it can deliver those results.

Personalized, project-based, immersive, and experiential education leads to true mastery. By placing learning in a meaningful context, students drive their education and develop their passions and interests. This constellation of progressive approaches permits students to find meaning in a world where information is overwhelmingly available but where deep understanding and purposeful application of that knowledge is harder to achieve.

In this section, we will share key highlights of our curriculum and academic program, beginning with the four core foundations of our approach to teaching and learning:

Our academic model is rooted in deep mastery of foundational skills and content expertise, coupled with support in developing a growth mindset that builds stamina, confidence, and resilience over time. We have developed a competency-based model for student advancement that is aligned with international learning standards. Our competency-based approach establishes a set of skills, knowledge, behaviors, and dispositions that students master at their own pace and in their own way, students move forward through their studies based on “stage,” not “age.”

The next step from mastery of fundamental skills and content is the application of knowledge. This application will often take the form of a deep exploration of a significant question or problem that cuts across disciplines and culminates in a project-based learning presentation to share with the Whittle learning community. Our core interdisciplinary academic experiences rigorously connect mastery to inquiry- and problem-based project work. Through individual and group projects, our core courses connect knowledge to problem-solving, presentation, and performance, making learning “sticky,” or more permanent. Our core interdisciplinary courses are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), plus Humanities, and Creative Arts and Design.

Our ideal graduate is an independent thinker and a compassionate, lifelong learner. Our emphasis on project- and place-based learning encourages students to weave connections among the academic, social, and emotional threads of their learning. Through hands-on, immersive experiences our students test the relevance of their knowledge and skills and extend the opportunities to investigate and explore their subject matter. This approach ensures that student learning is authentic, engaging, and helpful in addressing complex questions and in posing solutions to meaningful problems.

Giving students choice and voice is the glue connecting all the parts of our approach to learning. Putting students at the center of their learning builds independence, confidence, motivation, and leadership ability. When students are encouraged to turn passion into expertise, they develop a sense of ownership that fuels their drive to grow as learners. A personalized education empowers students as partners in their learning, resulting in deep mastery and continued growth.